Hey, I haven’t been on here in a super long time due to me not having internet access where I lived and not wanting to subject everyone in starbucks to the stuff Tumblr comes up with, but I’m heading on an 8 week vacation taking me to Vietnam and across the United States and Canada. I’m going to be sharing stuff from it on here so check it out if you’re interested.

Tonight I saw Touche Amore play with Tigers Jaw in Oakland. It was a great show and I had an awesome time, but it made me feel REALLY miss going to shows with my friends back in Tampa.

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  • There is 1 bar in the town I live in and people literally live here, like they hang out til it closes and then go to their cars to sleep
  • The highlights of the past few days have been when guests leave bottles of wine in the room so I get to keep them.
Goodbye Los Angeles, I miss you already

Goodbye Los Angeles, I miss you already


So many Menzingers shirts at the Menzingers show last night.

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  • Listening to "The Devil and God..." on an overnight greyhound bus ride. Feeling pretty existential right about now
  • No wifi, cell service, or TV in my cabin for the next 5 months. Alcoholism here I come...

Winter Playground of the Nation


Winter Playground of the Nation

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  • Las Vegas is a weird city full of deeply unhappy people.




Stunning photos of tears under a microscope vary by emotion

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"The project, called "The Topography of Tears," captures unique moments in human experience, but there’s also a scientific reason why every tear looks so different. There are three different types of tears: basal (lubricating), reflex (responding to stimuli) and psychic (triggered by emotion). Each type of tear contains different organic substances, and the molecular makeup depends on the causative agent. For instance, emotional tears contain the neurotransmitter leucine enkephalin, a natural painkiller that the body releases to mitigate stress."

This is fucking cool

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Columnar Basalt 

Columnar Basalt 

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